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Edge Motion™ speaker technology, a completely new method for producing high quality audio, is the first technology that Manifold selected for its portfolio. The idea was originally conceived by Lewis Athanas, an experienced acoustics engineer and independent inventor. In 2003, Manifold partnered with Mr. Athanas, transforming his invention from a lab demonstration into compelling product-like prototypes. After validating the market opportunity and making significant technical progress, Manifold raised an initial round of private financing and spun out the technology as a separate company, then called Screenspeaker LLC. Manifold continued to manage Screenspeaker and serve as the technical team as it sought venture investment to grow the company and take it to the next stage. In June 2005, Manifold negotiated and secured Series A financing from Polaris Ventures (www.polarisventures.com), Venture Capital Fund of New England (www.vcfne.com) and a number of the original angel investors.   Read more.
In 2004, the laptop market was exploding and quickly overtaking the desktop market in unit sales. In thinking about the ubiquitous laptop touch pad, Manifold made the observation that laptop users generally fell into one of two groups - they either hated it, and always lugged around a mouse, or they simply put up with it, but still preferred using a mouse. Manifold came up with a concept: a laptop mouse which was at the ready, all the time - a full function wireless mouse that would collapse, store and recharge in the PC card slot, which existed on the side of every laptop. After 8 months of development, Manifold created a prototype that showed the promise of the product and completed a very successful market study. Manifold decided that creating a new company to commercialize the mouse was the best route, hired a CEO, secured angel financing and formed a new company, Newton Peripherals. The Mogo Mouse BT made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2006 and was introduced into the market in Q3 ’06. The initial product is being sold in 39 countries and is being licensed by Hewlett Packard. At the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, Newton announced two new products, the Mogo Mouse X54, an express card version of the original mouse, and the “Dapter,” a miniaturized, semi-permanent, USB Bluetooth dongle.
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Mogo Mouse BT
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